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Author: Michael Fulweber

Trauma and crime scene cleaning is not just a 9-5 job, anything can happen at any hour. Recently Bio-One Houston South was called out on Easter Day 2018 to assist a family that was amid a very traumatic event. A loved one had committed suicide via a gunshot wound to the head. As squeamish as that might sound, just image what the family was experiencing.

To set the stage it was very late on a Saturday night, the evening before Easter Day when Bio-One Houston South received the call. When speaking with the family the sense of urgency to clean up the blood before the family would return home was critical. Unfortunately, nobody was home to allow access until the following morning. The team was assembled and ready to go first thing the following morning.


When arriving on scene we were met by a family friend whom gave us access to the home. It’s always a little nerve racking when entering as every trauma and crime scene is very different. There was blood at the door, hallway and the living room, the living room being where most of the bio was concentrated. At this point the trauma scene cleanup plan was formulated and Bio-One Houston South began remediation of bloodborne pathogens. Bio-One Chemicals were applied initially to eliminate any infectious diseases. Once properly sprayed all effected surfaces were wiped down and cleaned. All bio was treated and placed into red bags for medical waste disposal in accordance with OSHA Standards.

Upon completion of blood remediation, every effected area was combed over with specialty lights to ensure all areas were cleaned. Once this was determined Bio-One Houston South can now offer a certificate of remediation if the homeowner requests such a document. Later that day the family was contacted to make sure the cleaning was performed to their expectations. The reward is always the follow up, the gentleman stated that the “job we did was fantastic, beyond believable”.

Bio-One Houston South began remediation of bloodborne pathogens  job we did was fantastic, beyond believable

The bottom line is to trust the pro’s when it comes to a suicide, murder or undiscovered death cleanup. There is no reason to put family members in a situation to where they are retraumatized of the event. Plus, normal household chemicals will not eliminate infectious diseases, always call a professional like Bio-One Houston South.

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