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A Guide to Cleaning Up After an Unattended Death

An unattended death is actually quite common, particularly for those who live alone. How do you cope with the aftermath and cleanup? Learn here.

Are you dealing with the unexpected death of a loved one? An unattended death is actually quite common, particularly for those who live alone.

Coping with a loss is hard enough, let alone facing the reality of cleaning up after an unattended death. We understand that this can be incredibly difficult and want to help make it as easy as possible for everyone involved.

This guide offers step-by-step directions on how to properly clean up after a loved one's passing. Our guide provides answers to common questions about crime scene cleanup services. You don’t have to worry about figuring out the details yourself.

Learn how you can safely handle this overwhelming task of death cleanup with ease.

What Is an Unattended Death?

An unattended death is a term referring to when the deceased is not discovered for an extended amount of time. This ranges from days to weeks or even months. It can be extremely heartbreaking.

Unattended deaths are most common with elderly individuals who live alone and don't have any family or friends to check in on them regularly. Alternatively, they can be the consequence of an accident, suicide attempt, or even homicide.

What to Do After an Unattended Death

Death triggers a rapid decomposition process. During this time hazardous germs are released into the air around the body within hours of passing. These bacteria will begin to spread and affect nearby materials. It can be even more challenging if there is blood cleanup to consider.

The stench of putrefaction is caused by this bacteria, and eradicating it requires a careful and specialized approach. Cleaning the floors with bleach or discarding the bedding alone are not enough solutions here.

Contact the Authorities

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of discovering an unattended death, your very first action should be to call 911.

After the authorities show up to examine and assess the tragedy, even if no criminal activity is suspected, their assistance will be invaluable. The police can guide you in reaching out to your local coroner so that they may transfer the body for further examination at a morgue.

Crime scene cleanup will have different considerations than suicide cleanup, so it's important not to tamper with any potential evidence.

Notify Friends and Family

As the death was unaccompanied, those close to the departed may remain unaware of their passing.

Try to connect with the individual's closest friends, family members, churchgoers, and other acquaintances to inform them of their passing.

Avoid DIY Cleanup

Cleaning up hazardous bio-matter can be dangerous to your health and safety. Don't take the risk of attempting it alone. Instead, entrust a professional cleanup service with substances like bodily fluids, blood, and other pathogens.

Doing so will ensure that you are protected from any form of contamination or illness caused by these materials.
It's also best to delay collecting sentimental items from the deceased's residence, as they might be contaminated.

Need Help Cleaning Up After an Unattended Death?

No one should ever have to face the trauma of cleaning up after an unattended death alone. We hope this article has been able to provide you with some clarity and guidance on how to handle such a difficult situation.

If you are dealing with an unattended death right now and need assistance in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact Bio-One Houston South. Speak to our experienced and sympathetic team today.

What does trauma cleaning involve? How do you choose the best cleaning company for trauma cases? Check out this list to learn more about trauma cleaning.

During the pandemic, UNICEF shipped more than 653.4 million items of PPE to 140 countries. But PPE equipment existed for years before the pandemic.

For instance, trauma cleaners rely on this equipment.

However, many people have never encountered trauma cleaning before until something tragic happens.

So it's important to learn what trauma cleaners do and why they are essential for traumatic events and a crime scene cleanup.

Compared to regular cleaners, trauma cleaners have the personal protective equipment required to clear crime scenes. For example, large-scale blood spills, industrial accidents, and suicides.

Here are four more things you need to know about trauma cleaning.

1. Cleaning for Violent Crimes

It's easy to assume that trauma cleaning is just like regular cleaning; therefore, you don't need to hire a professional to clean up a crime scene.

Although, this isn't the case when it comes to cleaning the blood and other complications after a traumatic event. Professional trauma cleaners will clean every inch of space and ensure the area is safe.

This is the only way to guarantee that a location is entirely free from bacteria and other hazardous substances. For example, here are the most common risks associated with a trauma scene cleanup:

  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Chemical hazards
  • Physical hazards
  • Biological hazards

So, you need a professional to clean the space to eliminate dangerous bacteria left in a room after a traumatic event. 

2. Training Experience 

Cleaning up after a traumatic experience requires specific knowledge of applying products and equipment used when treating blood stains and other dirt. 

Trauma cleaners are highly trained to deal with large or small cleanups that need to be thoroughly cleaned. If you don't hire a professional trauma cleaner, blood could be left, and you could have to replace entire rooms.

They have all the necessary equipment, such as biohazard suits, goggles,  multilayer gloves, and respiration masks. 

3. Compassionate Cleaners 

Unlike regular cleaning jobs, trauma cleaning requires a compassionate and calm person to do the job. You must treat the situation carefully when facing crime scenes or personal traumatic events.

This is vital when dealing with personal family members or loved ones. Thankfully, a professional trauma cleaner knows exactly how to handle the cleanup and communicate empathetically with the people at the scene.

Experienced trauma cleaners will have seen several situations, so nothing will surprise or unsettle them when showing up for a job. Therefore, you can ensure that the service will complete a cleanup.

4. Efficient and Affordable

The final thing to note about trauma cleaning is that it's efficient and affordable. Depending on the size of the cleanup, a team of trauma cleaners will complete the job within 24 hours. 

You can also hire a trauma cleaning service for affordable rates, so your space can be cleaned as soon as possible. Just remember to ask about experience and research the best services before hiring a team.

Luckily, our team is experienced and ready to help.

Trauma Cleaning With Care

Finding a company that understands the emotion of trauma cleaning is important. But it's equally important to acknowledge the importance of the science behind clearing pathogens and removing blood. 

The good news is that we can help you with a trauma cleanup, no matter the size. 

You can find out more about our services on our website here. And if you have any other questions, you can reach out and schedule a service.

Decluttering a home is never easy. This is made more overwhelming when your property is crammed with possessions. Here's where to start with hoarder cleanup.

Currently, 1 in every 50 people in the US is dealing with compulsive hoarding. Research has shown that those numbers may be far more significant in recent years, with as many as 1 in every 20 adults.

Yet, hoarding doesn't just affect the person doing it; it can have a significant effect on the loved ones of a hoarder. 

If you're facing the daunting task of decluttering a hoarder's home, you might not know where to start. It's essential to be patient, methodical, and have a plan. Hoarder cleanup doesn't have to be an impossible project to manage. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Start Small

One of the first things to do in a hoarder cleanup task is to start with small areas. Don't try to tackle the entire house at once. Break it down into small, manageable tasks. You can start with one room or even one area of a room. For example, you might start by decluttering the coffee table in the living room.

Work Together

When dealing with a compulsive hoarder, it's best to work with them. If possible, try getting the hoarder to help with decluttering. They may be resistant initially but explaining that you're trying to help them and not taking anything away from them is essential.

Let them know that they can still keep their possessions, but they need to be organized in a safe and functional way. After all, this is the start of the process to begin decluttering your home. 

Eliminate Hazards

Another tip for tackling a hoarder cleanup project is to get rid of the hazardous materials first. Any hazardous materials in the home, such as mold or rotting food, need to be removed immediately.

There may also be areas where the hoarder has urine or fecal matter, and these hazards can pose serious health risks. So, taking care of them immediately is critical.

Create a System

As you continue decluttering your home, create a system for organizing possessions. Once you've removed the hazardous materials and started decluttering small areas, you'll need to create a system for managing the remaining possessions.

This will vary depending on the type of items and the preferences of the hoarder. However, some common methods include categorizing by type (e.g., clothes, books, dishes) or by function (e.g., winter clothes, everyday dishes).

Look for Hoarding Services 

If you are responsible for hoarder cleanup and you're overwhelmed by the task, you may want to outsource the work using hoarder cleanup services.

They will come into your home and remove your loved one's belongings while taking care of all necessary steps involved with cleaning up due to hoarding behaviors.

These professionals have been trained in how to manage hoarding situations safely and efficiently. They will also have experience working with clients with hoarding disorders, so they know how to communicate with them effectively without further upsetting them or exacerbating their anxiety or depression.

Ready to Tackle a Hoarder Cleanup?

Hoarder cleanup is never easy, but it's incredibly daunting when there's more stuff than space. Remember to start small, work together, eliminate hazards, and create a system. If you're dealing with a hoarder, know you are not alone.

Contact us today for professional hoarding cleanup and help get started on the road to recovery.

There are many factors to consider when deciding which crime scene cleanup company to use. Follow these guidelines when choosing a crime scene cleanup company.

There are at least 694,050 violent crimes every year in the US alone. It's an all-too-common issue that affects thousands of victims.

Stress and shock can make you want to remove the evidence as soon as possible, but take the time to calm down and think first. Never try to handle crime scene cleanup yourself. You could come in contact with or fail to eliminate dangerous pathogens. 

Getting professional help is the better and more effective option, but you need to know where to look. Read on to learn how to find the right crime scene cleanup company.

Look at Their Reputability and Reputation

Always ask to see a crime scene cleanup company's qualification. They need to pass requirements from regulatory bodies such as OSHA or the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. They'll also need to be certified in areas such as biohazard removal, water damage and smoke mitigation, and blood cleanup.

Follow that up by getting a sense of their reputation. Go online to find reviews or recommendations from past clients. This will help you choose between the qualified companies you research. 

Talk to The Staff

Look into the crime scene cleaners that the company uses. They should also be able to show you proof of their qualifications and experience.

Find out what type of training they've received. They should be experienced in all areas of crime scene cleanup, including:

  • Identifying and disposing of biohazardous material
  • Using hospital-grade cleaners and specialized equipment
  • Removing materials left behind by law enforcement such as fingerprint powder 

A crime scene cleanup business also needs an excellent customer service team. They should be able to answer your questions in a quick and friendly manner.

Find Out How They'll Protect and Treat You

A death cleanup company needs to work diligently to protect your privacy and keep any personal information about the incident from getting out. Their level of compassion and empathy is also important because they're helping you get over a traumatic experience.

You won't be able to tell exactly how they'll treat you until you start working with them, but that's why you need to talk to their staff first. It's also why you look at reviews to see how they treated past clients.

Determine Their Price

Your crime scene cleanup provider won't be able to give you an accurate estimate until they arrive on the scene. Look for one that offers the lowest price for the services you need with no hidden fees.

Choose a Reputable Crime Scene Cleanup Company

The site of a violent crime contaminates everything around it, and that's why choosing the right crime scene cleanup company is so important.

Start by making sure they have the right certifications. Look at reviews to determine their reputation. Speak to the staff, including the cleaners and the customer service team. Find out if they'll protect your privacy and treat you with empathy. Ask them to estimate the price when they arrive.

Bio-One of Houston South is a qualified, experienced biohazard and hoarding cleanup team. Get our crime scene cleanup services today.

Are you wondering if you really need professionals to clean up a biohazard? Click here for five reasons you should hire professionals to do your blood cleanup.

After a suicide or violent crime, one of the last things on your mind is cleaning up the mess. However, if you neglect biohazard safety rules and leave the crime scene unattended, you can put yourself and others at risk.  To clean up a biohazard, you should consider hiring a team of professionals. Keep reading to learn why you should bring in a professional cleaning service to help with blood cleanup and hoarding.

1. Quick and Expert Level Care

You can save a lot of money and time by hiring a reputable professional blood cleanup specialist. Blood cleanup may appear simple, but the entire process of clearing up a crime scene may be laborious and upsetting.

It is better to employ a skilled crime scene cleanup professional while you take care of other important family or work obligations. By the time you invest in biohazard safety equipment and top-grade equipment, your DIY cleaning cost will skyrocket. 

2. Legal Benefits of Professional Cleaning

It is advisable to call the police in the event of a serious crime. Crime scene cleaners have the essential skills and training to guarantee that, among other protocols, the integrity of a crime scene investigation is safeguarded.

Blood and Biohazard cleaners efficiently comply with all legal requirements while adhering to all established legislative laws to safeguard your own safety. You never want to be accountable for washing away evidence from a crime scene. 

3. Mental Clarity

Many people may feel overwhelmed and traumatized by bloody crime scenes. Experts in professional blood cleansing are crucial in preventing psychological harm. After losing someone to a violent crime, suicide, or car accident, the last thing you need in your life is for bloody scenes to constantly bring them to mind.

Cleaning up blood after a suicide or murder can have lasting damage to your peace of mind. No matter how emotionally resilient you may feel, it's necessary to give yourself a break. Bloody crime scenes might have an unnoticed psychological impact on you.

4. Secure Your Property Value

In the event of a violent crime, an accident, or a suicide at your property, crime scene cleanup professionals assist in reducing your property losses. Although you have to report about a murder or gruesome death, erasing the physical traces of blood can help you regain some lost property value. 

Blood spills can have a terrible impact on your home, especially if they are not thoroughly cleaned up. Getting in touch with a reputable blood cleanup business can effectively save you hundreds of dollars.

5. Ensure a Safe Cleanup 

A professional's services can guarantee that all traces of biohazardous material will be eliminated. You won't put your health at risk by using safe cleaning supplies and the right tools.

All qualified cleanup and restoration crews depend on their tools to keep both them and you safe from contact with hazardous biohazards. Masks, gloves, eye protection, and occasionally a respirator may be required, depending on the environment, are all examples of personal protective equipment.

Hire a Professional Team for Blood Cleanup

No one wants to live inside of a crime scene or biohazard. Whether you are a witness or not, living at a crime scene can be traumatizing. We want to help you reclaim your home by assisting in blood cleanup.

Contact us at Bio-One Houston South for all of your crime scene and biohazard decontamination needs. 

Denver, CO August 19, 2022 – Inc. revealed that Bio-One is No. 4,365 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America. The list represents a one-of-a-kind look at the most successful companies within the economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent businesses. Facebook, Chobani, Under Armour, Microsoft, Patagonia, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000. 
Sandi Ellis, President of Bio-One, had this to say about the achievement: “We are honored to be recognized and this is only possible because of our amazing Bio-One owners across the United States. Every Bio-One owner works hard in their community, and we thank them for their time, dedication, and sacrifices.”
The companies on the 2022 Inc. 5000 have not only been successful, but have also demonstrated resilience amid supply chain woes, labor shortages, and the ongoing impact of Covid-19. Among the top 500, the average median three-year revenue growth rate soared to 2,144 percent. Together, those companies added more than 68,394 jobs over the past three years. 
Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at The top 500 companies are featured in the September issue of Inc. magazine, which will be available on August 23. 
“The accomplishment of building one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., in light of recent economic roadblocks, cannot be overstated,” said Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc. “Inc. is thrilled to honor the companies that have established themselves through innovation, hard work, and rising to the challenges of today.” 
Ellis said, “While the ranking is a wonderful reflection of the company’s growth in the past 12 years, I am also excited for the future of Bio-One. We’re investing in new technology, improving our digital strategies, and are in the middle of launching a new brand. It’s an exciting time to be part of Bio-One!”
Bio-One Inc. is the first crime and trauma scene cleaning franchise with over 125 locations. Each location is owned and operated locally by caring members of their respective communities. In an effort to boost business growth and impact more areas, Bio-One was acquired by Five Star Franchising last year. Bio-One has been ranked in Entrepreneur magazine’s 43rd Annual Franchise 500 for 2022, and in 2021 placed number one in Entrepreneur’s Best of the Best for Crime Scene Cleaning and Trauma Scene Cleaning.
Sandi Ellis
(303) 625-6543

More about Inc. and the Inc. 5000 

Companies on the 2022 Inc. 5000 are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2018 to 2021. To qualify, companies must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31, 2018. They must be U.S.-based, privately held, for-profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2021. (Since then, some on the list may have gone public or been acquired.) The minimum revenue required for 2018 is $100,000; the minimum for 2021 is $2 million. As always, Inc. reserves the right to decline applicants for subjective reasons. Growth rates used to determine company rankings were calculated to four decimal places. The top 500 companies on the Inc. 5000 are featured in Inc. magazine’s September issue. The entire Inc. 5000 can be found at
About Inc. 
The world’s most trusted business-media brand, Inc. offers entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, connections, and community to build great companies. Its award-winning multiplatform content reaches more than 50 million people each month across a variety of channels including websites, newsletters, social media, podcasts, and print. Its prestigious Inc. 5000 list, produced every year since 1982, analyzes company data to recognize the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States. The global recognition that comes with inclusion in the 5000 gives the founders of the best businesses an opportunity to engage with an exclusive community of their peers, and the credibility that helps them drive sales and recruit talent. The associated Inc. 5000 Conference & Gala is part of a highly acclaimed portfolio of bespoke events produced by Inc. For more information, visit
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First Responder Relay Presented by Bio-One, Inc.

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of the First Responder Relay in Las Vegas on October 16th. The First Responders Relay is a 9 person 48-mile running relay with stages ranging from 4.0 miles to 7.7 miles. The relay is competition comprised of first responder personnel from throughout the United States and the World, and is hosted by the California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF).

There is still time to register, but don't delay! Registration closes September 18.  Visit to join us in Las Vegas!


The California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF) is proud to announce that the 2021 United States Police & Fire Championships (USPFC) are now Presented by Bio-One, Inc. 


Operating under the motto, "Help First, Business Second," Bio-One provides high-level decontamination and biohazard cleanup services while offering clients the privacy and compassion needed at difficult times. Bio-One operates in 41 states with over 110 locations and is committed to providing first-class service. 


"We are thrilled to add Bio-One as the Presenting Sponsor for the 2021 USPFC because   First Responders warrant our support," said California Police Athletic Federation President LC Collins. "Bio-One’s reputation is second to none, and with their partnership, we can offer first responders a health and wellness outlet.  We look forward to working with them for years to come."


Founded by San Diego Police Lieutenant Veon "Duke" Nyhus, The United States Police & Fire Championships were first held in San Diego in 1967. Duke recognized the need to promote physical fitness and camaraderie among the Public Safety and First Responder community members. 


The USPFC caters to active and retired public safety and first responders who participate in Olympic-style competitions and open to individuals representing firefighters, law enforcement, and officers from corrections, probation, border protection, immigration, and customs across the country. Traditionally athletes compete in 45+ sporting events from biathlon to motocross across 35+ venues in Southern California.


"At Bio-One our support for Law Enforcement and Fire Service Officers is unwavering, and we're thrilled to partner with the California Police Athletic Federation during this memorable event," said Nick-Anthony Zamucen, founder of Bio-One. "We wish each athlete success and look forward to celebrating these everyday heroes."


The 2021 USPFC Presented by Bio-One will take place from June 10th to the 19th in venues across San Diego, California, and strengthen the relationship between First Responders and the community for many years to come!


About the United States Police and Fire Championships

The California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF) is the parent organization of two multi-sport programs designed for peace officers and firefighters. The World Police & Fire Games (WPFG) are open to active and retired law enforcement and fire service personnel throughout the world. The United States Police & Fire Championships (USPFC) are open to active or retired public safety and first responder personnel from an eligible agency within the USA. For more information, please visit 


Disclosing death when selling a home

If buying or selling a home in Houston/Harris County Texas is in your future, you're likely well versed the entire process from the initial offer to closing. But are you aware that disclosing a death in the home may be required? Here's what you need to know. 


Property Disclosure Documents

No matter how perfect a house looks on the outside, there is often property information a buyer needs to disclose before the sale can go through. Property disclosure documents reveal known structural issues, neighborhood nuisances, hazards, HOA details, water damage, notable repairs made to the home and death in the home. 


Rules for reporting a death in the home vary by state, and variations in rules may include:

  • Timeframe: When the death occurred. 
  • How the person passed away: If the death occurred naturally versus due to negligence on the property.
  • Hauntings: If the seller has knowledge that the property is being haunted by the dead. 


So what are the rules in Texas Here are the details:


Under Texas law, a seller or seller's agent has no duty to disclose a death from natural causes, suicide, or an accident unrelated to the property's condition (Texas Property Code 5008[c]).This includes a murder that predates

the seller's possession of the property if the seller is aware of it.


For a state-by-state guide on disclosure laws we recommend.



For a state by state guide on disclosure laws we recommend visiting this resource on


Remediating After a Death in a Home

If a death recently occurred in the home you're hoping to purchase, there may have been biohazards from bloodborne pathogens that required remediation. Consider asking the seller how the death was remediated to ensure proper steps were taken. Remediation processes may vary depending on the location of the death, how the death occurred, types of flooring, and if the death was undiscovered for days or weeks. 


Bio-One technicians are trained and equipped to properly disinfect biohazards from bloodborne pathogens, and we ensure safe biohazard material handling and disposal. Once the entire area is cleaned of blood and body fluids, we also help property owners restore the location to its pre-incident state. 


If you are selling a home and need a biohazard remediated or want to ensure remediation was done correctly, give Bio-One a call. Our experts not only contain and disinfect the dangerous biological materials, we carry out our work in a caring and private manner. 


Suicide Cleanup


Crime Scene Cleaning


Undiscovered Death


Contact US

Bio-One ranked number one in Entrepreneur magazine’s 42nd Annual Franchise 500 for success in crime-scene and trauma-scene cleaning. This marks the fifth year in a row that Bio-One has been included in the ranking.

Houston, TX – Bio-One ranked number one in Entrepreneur magazine’s 42nd Annual Franchise 500 for success in crime-scene and trauma-scene cleaning. This marks the fifth year in a row that Bio-One has been included in the ranking.


Bio-One is locally owned and operated by native Houstonian Michael Fulweber. Since 2017 he has served numerous multi-family homes, business and government agencies during difficult situations.


Bio-One provides service in recovery and suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, hoarding situations, junk removal, deceased animal recovery, feces removal, pest and rodent droppings and more.


“The motto of ‘Help First, Business Second’ is the core of Michael Fulweber's business as the Bio-One Family is focused on helping families after tragedy strikes. "I am thrilled to be apart of Bio-One and a winning team,” said Michael Fulweber, owner of Bio-One. “I have cherished each opportunity to truly make a difference in our community.”


The number of Bio-One franchises have increased 145 percent in the last three years with over 100 locations in 41 states.


“We’re honored to be recognized by Entrepreneur,” said Nick-Anthony Zamucen, CEO of Bio-One Inc. “The ranking is a direct reflection of our Bio-One family, strength of our business model, and our ability to consistently deliver care and compassion to our clients.” 


Over its 42 years in existence, the Franchise 500® has become both a dominant competitive measure for franchisors and a primary research tool for potential franchisees. Bio-One’s position on the ranking is a testament to its strength as a franchise opportunity. 


About Bio-One Inc. 

Bio-One Inc. is the first crime and trauma scene cleaning franchise, operating in 41 states with over 100 locations. Bio-One is committed to providing excellent service in recovery and suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, hoarding situations, junk removal, deceased animal recovery, feces removal, pest and rodent droppings and much more. Each office is independently owned and operated by a member of the local community. For more information about Bio-One, visit us at